Bella Natural Gray Blue


Bella Natural Gray Blue colored contact lenses with a bright and shining blue accented by a starburst pupil pattern make these lenses popular around the world.


Bella Natural Gray Blue Color Description
Contrast always makes for an interesting color combination, and Gray Blue achieves it quite well. Bright blue is accented by a starburst pupil hole and offers depth and beauty. Try this selection from Bella Natural collection today!
Why wear Bella Natural Gray Blue?
Colored contact lenses are often used to make a bold style statement, and Gray Blue is the perfect selection to achieve that look! With a bright and shining blue accented by a starburst pupil pattern, colored contact lovers around the world rejoice in this option. Bella Natural collection always looks to create contour and style, and Gray Blue is a perfect example of that.
Bella Colour Contact lenses such as these in the color Gray Blue are amongst the most popular colour contact lenses in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Lenses Color

What's in the Box?

Available in



Base Curve






  • Lens Material               Polymacon
  • Water Content             38%
  • Base Curve                    8.6mm
  • Diameter                       14.2
  • Central Thickness       0.07mm (@-3.00D)
  • Permeability                12
  • Transmissibility          95%
  • Lens Collection           Natural looking lenses
  • Replacement Schedule: 3 months
  • Usage Schedule: Daily

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