Bella Highlight Circle Brown


Bella HighLight Brown coloured contact lenses from Bella feature a solid limbal ring and distinct pattern for an amazing look. These brown circle lenses are part of Bella Highlight collection.


Bella HighLight Circle Brown lens gracefully blends outer dark brown with lighter brown pattern near the pupil and comes with a limbal ring. These circle contact lenses are loved by customers across the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Europe, and the Middle East.
We offer free delivery on all Bella HighLight colours from Bella lenses.

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Lenses Color

What's in the Box?

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Base Curve





  • Lens Material            Polymaco
  • Water Content           38%
  • Base Curve                  8.6mm
  • Diameter                     14.5
  • Central Thickness     0.07mm (@-3.00D)
  • Permeability              12
  • Transmissibility         95%
  • Lens Collection           Eye enlarging lenses
  • Replacement Schedule: 3 months
  • Usage Schedule: Daily

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